The Fek'lhr was named after the mythical Klingon beast and guardian of Gre'thor, the Klingon after-life for the dishonoured. The Fek'lhr is armed with phasers, but can be additionally outfitted with powerful weapons allowing it to unleash waves of destruction on its enemies. The weaponry on the Fek'lhr is so unpredictable that a separate facility is necessary to contain its equipment.


Death Chant

The chilling battle cry echoing in the halls of a ship stirs the blood of even the weakest Klingon. Hearing the Death Chant increases the rate of fire and crew effectiveness of all friendly ships within range.

Repulsion Wave

The original prototype for the Shockwave, this weapon propels a ship in one direction, damaging it and destroying its engines.

Ion Storm

After multiple failed attempts, Klingon scientists were able to contain and recreate the deadly ionic nebulas from deep space. This torpedo deploys an area effect cloud, which damages any ship in its radius.

Energy Dissipator

The Fek'lhr is most effective when its opponents cannot fire back. This special weapon drains the energy off multiple enemy targets, rendering their special weapons useless.