The Tal Shiar, having need of a vessel more suited for their covert operations, assembled the greatest military scientists in the Star Empire. The culmination of their efforts resulted in the Shadow-class. The technology on board the Shadow is extremely classified, so much so that even members of the Romulan senate are not "officially" aware of its existence. The Shadow comes equipped with phasers, but can also be refitted with four experimental technologies.



The Shadow is equipped with a unique deflector dish able to project holograms. When outfitted with a Holo-emitter. The projection manipulates enemy sensors by reversing their warp signatures and appearance. To opponents, all their ships appear as enemy vessels. This causes affected ships to inadvertently target their allies.

Psychonic Blast

The Shadow’s deflector dish can also be rigged to emit a sub-space blast of radiation known as the Psychonic Blast. This causes an enemy's crew to temporarily go insane, killing members of their own crew.

Energy-Shield Converter

A modification to the Inversion Beam, this converter redistributes the Shadow’s energy into shield energy, then transfers it to an allied ship.

Phase Cloak

Development of this technology began as early as 2367, but was not completed until recently. The Shadow is the first of its kind to carry a functional interphase generator. When activated, the generator phases the ship's molecular structure, allowing it to move unseen through physical objects.