This tool allows you to see how much cargo space any amount of ore requires.

There are two functions in this tool. The “Amount” column is where you can enter the amounts of all the ores you have mined, and the required cargo space will be displayed in the green box at the bottom. This is useful if you are mining several ore types at the same time and need to know when a cargo haul is due. For example, your hauler ship may have a cargo capacity of 3500 units but without this tool it is impossible to know when you have mined enough to fill 3500 units of cargo.

The second function allows you to type in the names of ships, containers etc. and their cargo capacities, and see the maximum amount of each ore they can hold. This is useful when you are mining a single ore type and need to know the maximum amount of ore that can fit in your hauler’s cargo bay. For example, you may be mining Scordite and need to know when a cargo haul is due. Instead of repeatedly entering what you have collected, just enter your hauler’s cargo capacity and find out how much Scordite it can hold. It is also useful when using secure containers, as the game does not have a capacity display on containers. Just enter the capacity of the container and the maximum amount of each ore is displayed.

The tool also displays the number of cargo runs which would be required for each cargo capacity to move the current amount of ores.

Note that you may overwrite the text “Cargo 1”, “Cargo 2” etc. with ship names and enter their capacities in the yellow boxes beneath.