This tool allows you to see, at a glance, whether your ore is more valuable refined or sold raw.

The first thing you must do to make this tool work is enter some values to allow the tool to take account of your refining skills. Each skill level will allow you to keep a higher percentage of the minerals after refining. In the tool, I have called this percentage your “Keep rate”.
To find the values you need for the Keep rate calculator, you will need to enter the refining plant at a station. Look for the part that says “Your skills at refinery equipment operation give a net yield of…” and enter this value into the tool under “Skill yield %”. Next, look for the part that says “We will take …. of all recoverable minerals” and enter this value into the tool under “Station’s % cut”. The tool can now account for your refining skills. You may now save the file, this will save having to type these numbers every time. Any time you upgrade your refining skills, you will need to repeat the above process.

Next, you will need to enter the market to find the current values for all the ores and minerals and enter them under the “Price” column in the tool. After entering these values, you may save the file, but remember that the sale values will change often and you will need to keep these updated.

Finally, enter the amounts of each ore you wish to sell under the “Sell amt.” column. Since each ore type has its own refining requirement, the “Calc amount” column will show the nearest refinable amount for the calculation.

The sale values will now be displayed for you to compare under “Direct sell” and “Refined”

2 additional pages are included for more detailed breakdown of individual amounts and values of minerals extracted from each ore. These can be accessed by clicking the tabs at the bottom of the screen.