Here are some screenshots of the tools to help explain their functions.

The above example shows the Cargo space calculator. I have collected 500 Kernite, 100 Omber, 6000 Pyroxeres and 32500 Scordite. I have also entered the cargo capacity of 7803 of my Bestower (including cargo expanders). The space required for these ores is 7335, which is getting close to my 7803 capacity. It is also informing me that this is equal to 0.94 (94%) of one full Bestower load. Also notice that if I was collecting only scordite, the maximum I could haul would be 52020 ore units.

This screen shows page 1 of the Ore calculator. I have entered my ore amounts, and checked the local market for the sell prices of these ores and all minerals. We can see that all three results show that the ores are worth more after refining than sold straight (this is sometimes not the case, depending on market values). Also notice that results have not been shown for Omber. This is because 500 units of Omber are required for refining, but I have only collected 100.

This screen shows page 2 of the Ore calculator. These are the amounts of each mineral refined from each of the ore amounts. This shows that refining 5994 units of Pyroxeres will give 1016 units of Pyerite (among others). Notice again that figures for Omber are not shown because refining was not possible.

This screen shows page 3 of the Ore Calculator. These are the ISK values of each mineral extracted during the refining process. Notice that the 1016 Pyerite shown on page 2 is worth 4065 ISK. This is because I entered a sell price of 4 for Pyerite on page 1.