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1.  Who caused the Enterprise-D to encounter the Borg much sooner than they should have?

2.  What was the name of the 2-part episode in which Picard was assimilated by the Borg?

3.  What name did the Borg assign to Picard once he was assimilated?

4.  Name the battle in which half the fleet was destroyed by the Borg while using Picard’s knowledge.

5.  How does Q refer to Picard?

6.  What name did Geordi and Beverly give the Borg drone they rescued from a crash site?

7.  Tasha Yar left the series in two timelines – Describe both situations.

8.  From episode “Darmok”, complete the phrase “Darmok and Jalad…”

9.  Geordi found Scotty hidden in the transporter beam of a ship crashed on which structure?

10. In episode “The Inner Light”, which instrument did Picard learn to play?

11. In episode “Cause and Effect”, who played the captain of the USS Bozeman?  How is he better known?

12. Who plays Reginald Barclay?  How is he better known?

13. In episode “Genesis”, what did Reg Barclay turn into?

14. What disease was named after Reg Barclay?

15. What device is Reg Barclay terrified of?

16. Who preceded Worf as security chief?

17. What did “Ardra” claim to be?

18. What was Spock’s father’s name?

19. Who built Data?

20. Name Data’s brother.

21. Which crewmember is Picard often romantically associated with?

22. Name the archaeologist Picard was romantically involved with.

23. Which crewmember was romantically involved with both Riker and Worf?

24. Name Worf’s adoptive brother.

25. Name Worf’s biological father.

26. Who plays the doctor in Voyager?

27. Who were the first alien race to encounter humans (First Contact)?

28. Name the Cardassian tailor aboard Deep Space 9.

29. Who is the younger brother of Quark?

30. What was Dax’s first name (when played by Terry Farrell)?

31. Name the starship built to accompany Deep Space 9.

32. What furry animals caused mayhem on the Enterprise?

33. What space-dwelling organism was in telepathic contact with a guest onboard the Enterprise?

34. Which Enterprise crewmember had a copy of himself left stranded on a planet after a transporter accident?

35. Which Starfleet engineer did Geordi fall in love with, after using her projection in the holodeck during a crisis?

36. What song did Picard sing with the children while trying to escape the turbolift shaft in “Disaster”?

37. What detective does Picard enjoy playing on the holodeck?

38. Which holodeck character was created by the Binars to keep Picard and Riker busy while they stole the Enterprise?

39. Which holodeck character hijacked the Enterprise after becoming aware of his existence?

40. How was the Doomsday Machine destroyed?

41. How was the USS Yamato destroyed?

42. Who helped Wesley overcome the effects of “The Game”?

43. Who became invisible along with Geordi?

44. Which Klingon chancellor was killed by his own people in order to end the peace with the Federation?

45. Who replaced Beverly Crusher as chief medical officer in series 2?

46. What is Picard’s favourite hot drink?

47. What ship was Picard’s first command?

48. What is Data’s cat’s name?

49. Why was Wesley Crusher reprimanded at Starfleet Academy?

50. Complete Kirk’s quote “I’ve never trusted Klingons and I never will. I can never forgive them….”