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  1. Name the first episode featuring Kryten

  2. Name the first episode featuring Robert Llewelyn as Kryten

  3. How long was Lister actually in stasis after being sentenced to 6 months?

  4. Why was Lister sentenced to stasis?

  5. What was the buck-toothed alias of the cat?

  6. Name the 2 Kochanski actors

  7. Name Red Dwarf’s captain

  8. In “Backwards”, what name did Kryten and Rimmer give their stand-up act?

  9. What did Lister call his 2 sons? After whom?

  10. What was Lister’s GELF bride’s name? Why did Lister marry her?

  11. How many times did Rimmer confess to having had sex? Who was his first?

  12. Which organisation did Holly say was tracking them in his April fool joke?

  13. What was Kryten’s response when Rimmer asked to step up to red alert?

  14. Who threatened to kill the crew unless they demonstrated they led a worthwhile existence?

  15. In “Demons and angels”, what was Lister forced to eat while the chip was in his spine?

  16. In “Gunmen of the apocalypse” what game character did the cat choose?

  17. In “Back to reality”, what did Rimmer discover his real name was?

  18. How did Kryten defeat the android sent to replace him?

  19. How did Lister’s confidence (Craig Ferguson) die?

  20. What did Lister travel back in time to invent?

  21. In “Meltdown”, what was unusual about the end theme?

  22. How did the Red Dwarf crew die?

  23. In “Bodyswap”, why did Lister agree to swap bodies with Rimmer?

  24. Who did Lister see being executed in “Meltdown”?

  25. In “Stasis Leak”, what did the captain appear dressed as?

  26. Who shot president John F. Kennedy in the repaired timeline?

  27. What was Ace Rimmer’s catchphrase?

  28. What was the name of Red Dwarf’s backup computer?

  29. Who did Rimmer fall in love with on the Holoship Enlightenment?

  30. Who upgraded Rimmer’s hologram projection from soft light to hard light?