(Both require Microsoft Excel)

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IMPORTANT: When using these tools, you must only enter text into the YELLOW areas. Entering text in other areas will cause incorrect functioning.

ORE CALCULATOR allows the user to view side-by-side sale values of raw vs. refined ore.
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CARGO SPACE CALCULATOR calculates required cargo space for any amount of each type of ore.
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18/12/03: Updated Ore Calculator to v1.3 due to Eve Castor patch

-Keep rate calculator no longer requires collection of a large ore amount to obtain the values. Instead, enter the values on the station refinery screen.

-Assumes refinery equipment yield is 50% and no individual ore skills.

13/12/03: Updated Ore Calculator to v1.2

-Now allows mineral amounts to be included in the “Sale value” calculation. Note: Minerals entered here are not counted on the mineral breakdown pages.

-Values are now in number format to make them easier to read.

-Fractional values are no longer shown, as this is not possible in Eve anyway. Example: 1026123.6247 will now show as 1,026,123

-Second and third pages now show total amounts and values of each mineral.

03/12/03: Updated to v1.1

-Now in a zip file to avoid previous download problems.

-Second and third pages of ore calculator now show the name and amount of ore being refined for each mineral.

-Cargo calculator now shows the number of hauling trips required to move the current cargo amount.